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Zine Reader of the Month

Zine Reader of the Month



By Zine Editor John Richardson

Welcome to Reader of the Month, a new series that asks our readers top contribute their reactions to the new Zine 2.0

Zine Reader of the Month Sept 2015

Contributed by David Raleigh from AngloInfo

FullSizeRenderWhen I first moved to Amsterdam, I looked around to see what kind of community groups there were and very quickly joined the British Society. There was a lot of things to do and get involved with so it seemed right up my street. I remember one day getting an email about the Britsoc Zine and I clicked to open it. I was pleasantly surprised by the way it displays and the quality of the way it displays online and on mobile devices. We live lives where time is fleeting and the ‘cult of busy’ has has taken over. We are always running against the clock and an ever growing email inbox. The Britsoc Ezine email is one I look forward to. It signals the perfect time to kick back with a mug of hot tea and click through the pages. As I said, I find it easy to browse and well put together.

I like food and photography, so there is great content on those two subjects from Nick and Benjamin.

It is a great way to hear about what is happening in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands. I often refer back to the Britsoc zine for other past articles on places and things of interest. I like the way the accent of the content is very local, social and entertaining. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it is a fun and relaxing read. It is that specific combination that I like and often one hot mug of tea is not enough as I enjoy a quit moment reading the zine cover to cover.

I invite you to read it more and send it around to your friends.


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