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Vlaardingen on Koningsdag

Vlaardingen on Koningsdag

By Dee Bodle



image1What a day, we were in Vlaardingen on Koningsdag this year and we had a great time, the weather was very kind to us and at one part of the day we were in sunbathing mode with a nice beer in hand. It is around 6 years since we have been to Vlaardingen on Koningsdag and it had so much going on, firstly starting at 7am in the morning the town centre changes into a ‘kleedjesmarkt’ which  literally takes over everywhere with people selling everything but the kitchen sink.


Everything is then officially opened at 10am by the Mayor in the Veerplein and then the balloons are released.


Down by the Fishbank the runners are getting ready for the fun run which starts with the children of all ages running around the harbour area, this year it was won in fantastic style by a 10 year old girl who beat off all the competition. The main event is more of a competitive race this year being the 68th year that it has been run with both the 5k and 10k runners running at the same time. My partner’s father ran this when he was 65 and some of the runners were well in excess of 65 so I take my hat off to them.


On other areas of the harbour area children had lots to entertain them, boats with entertainment, bouncing castles, hook a duck and the Brandveer giving them the opportunity to hose down a building and believe me there was a very long queue for this.


During the day Vlaardingen comes alive with the sound of music in a variety of forms from singing, entertainers and musical groups so from midday until 7pm there is plenty to entertain you.


So all in all it was a fantastic day which was finished off by a fabulous fireworks display at 10 o clock which could be seen all over the town as the fireworks went high into the sky. We had a lovely time and when I was asked to do a piece on Koningsdag outside of Amsterdam i hope I’ve given you a flavour of what is happening elsewhere.


Vlaardingen also has another great weekend on the 12th & 13th June with their ‘Loggerfestival’ and I can promise you a great time with music, dance and lots of things happening so if you fancy something different then Vlaardingen has a lot to offer.


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