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Top Tal Dutch Courses Start Sept 26, 2013

BTG and TopTaal are teaming up together to introduce Dutch classes for the Amsterdam International Community School parents. The classes start at the end of September. We have two types of courses:

  • GET TO KNOW THE DUTCH: An intro to the Dutch culture for expats. We will talk (in English) about various interesting and informative topics, like Dutch habits and mentality, the Dutch health  care system, Dutch art and history. Participants can share their experiences of living in Holland and talk about the difference in relation to their own culture. This is great for those of you who have just move to the Netherlands! Obviously, it’s a great ice breaker too!
  • SURVIVAL DUTCH: Basic level language course for expats. Classes are once a week. We use the book Totaal 1. You will trains your skills on writing,ready, speaking and also grammar. Soon you will be able to have a conversation about familiar topics without much help.

Both courses are great to sign up to when getting a head start in living in the Netherlands and going through a smooth transition.

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