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Times they are a Changin’

Times they are a Changin’

“Times they are a Changin’”

By Jane Walmsley


In the words of the 60’s music genius Bob Dylan, ‘Times they are a changing…’ and at the Britsoc things constantly change too.

In the last couple of years we have moved our magazine from paper to digital, our booking system for events from email to web based, and we’ve been making our events more accessible to members and non-members alike.

So, for one of this year’s flagship events, the ‘Iconic Britain’ Ball in December, we have decided to try something different.  In previous years, the price of a ticket has been dependant on whether you were a member or not; this year we’d like to make it easier for everyone to come along to the party so the price will be set by how soon you book your tickets.

If you book your ticket early you will pay less; it really is as simple as that.

Tickets go on sale on the 15th September, and from then until 30th September all tickets are priced at €100 per person.  Included in this price is a cocktail hour, a three course dinner with wine, tea or coffee, a midnight snack and dancing until the small hours with our DJ.

From 1st October until the 15th November, the tickets will be priced at €110 per person, and from 16th November until the cut off day of 5th December, the price will be €120 per person.

But, it gets better ……………. If, at any time, you can gather together 9 of your favourite companions for a night of good food, wine and dancing then we will offer a discount of 10% for a complete table of ten that is paid for in its entirety at the time of booking.   That means for a table of 10 booked before the end of September for example, instead of paying €1 000 you will pay €900.

This event is limited to only 120 guests and our discount for ‘a table of 10’ is only valid while we still have complete tables to offer.  We are happy to say that interest is building and we have received enquiries for at least 6 tables so far.

We will, of course, still be welcoming couples, groups and singles to come along and join the party.

So don’t delay, find some friends, and join us for one of the most fun events of the year.

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