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The Xpat Files | The Untruth Is Out There

The Xpat Files | The Untruth Is Out There

It’s A Conspiracy!!

By Andy Symmonds (we think)

You do not have to spend much time browsing the internet to find a rich assortment of conspiracy theories covering an equally rich assortment of subject areas. We thought that it would be interesting to look at a few of these to see if any might have some truth behind them.

Bilderberg Group – this was a natural starting point, as this originates in the Netherlands. The first meeting was held in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek in 1954. The original idea was to bring together leaders from European countries and the USA to stimulate cooperation on political, economic and defence issues. This group still meets annually, with participants being mainly bankers, politicians, directors of large businesses, board members from large publicly traded corporations and the occasional head of state.  Conspiracy theorists from both ends of the political spectrum claim that these meetings have the goal of imposing capitalist domination with the long term goal of a world government.  In reality, the main problem appears to be a lack of transparency and accountability which is ironic as the high levels of privacy are what attract most of the participants. The economic forum held in Davos is probably not dissimilar but attracts zero fuss, so the bad reputation is possibly due to a lack of communication.

Mars Bar found on Mars – quite where this story originates from is unknown, but this story has about as much credibility as other (relatively) famous Mars Bar story linked to Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull in the late 1960’s.

Everything is deep fried in Scotland – this is a widespread theory that may have some origins in reality, and may possibly be linked to our previous conspiracy theory as there were rumours of deep fried Mars Bars. Tests were recently carried out where a range of different foods were deep fried assess how good there were to eat once battered and fried. The winners were deep fried dry-roasted peanuts and shortbread. The losers were deep fried pickled eggs (anyone really surprised?) and a sausage roll. Whilst this theory seems to have gone past the conspiracy stage, we have to admire the dedication of the volunteers that tasted the deep fried products in pursuit of the truth.

Elvis has not left the building – rumours of sightings of the King continue to flourish from various parts of the world, but the only one that came even close to formal verification was that he was spotted working in a chip shop by Kirsty MacColl.

Moon landings were faked – the latest conspiracy doing the rounds is that adding a something extra terrestrial such as and alien life form or planetary body to the conspiracy really increases its credence. The counterpoint to this is that keeping such an event secret with many people involved is in reality, impossible. The days of killing all of the participants are long gone, and even this may be a conspiracy theory in itself (such as the Egyptian tomb builders that were slaughtered to keep the location / contents safe).

VW Diesel engines are clean – this conspiracy theory has recently been laid to rest, but just as nature abhors a vacuum, this was replaced by the theory that VW engineers had deliberately used software to disguise the real level of emissions under test conditions. This clearly would never be allowed to happen at a large, responsible manufacturer…..

FaceBook and Google want to destroy the concepts of personal privacy and data protection – this is clearly the most ridiculous conspiracy advanced yet but it does seem to be gaining some traction in certain EU government circles.

The European Parliament is the last bastion of democracy – this theory has to be debunked as MEP’s appear to be so far removed from the real world that they may soon also qualify under the extra terrestrial rule previously mentioned. The EU government can also be linked to the recent VW theories as the vehicle testing standards in the EU are about as rigorous as the FaceBook privacy settings.

The internet is awash with a bewildering array of conspiracy theories so this perusal of just a few will hopefully give an indication of the variety of ideas that are generated. If you look hard enough you may be able to find a conspiracy theory to cover most topics, so happy hunting!