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Texel Island Discs | Oct 2015

Texel Island Discs | Oct 2015

Texel Island discs

Marooned for eternity on Texel Island in the North of Holland, Nick Nugent, the new chairman of Britsoc, chooses his favourite 10 discs to take with him to keep sane.

By Nick Nugent

I guess there are a many ways to pick the top 10 songs you’d take to Texel.   They are songs I like, but maybe not my favourite songs, but each has a personal significance to me.  They are ordered in sort of a chronological order how I came across them.  As with a lot of people, the music from my youth sticks with me the most and so not many modern songs make it to the list.


  1. Van Halen – Why can’t this be Love

You may know that in the late 80’s early 90’s Van Halen went through a hiatus with “Diamond Dave” lee Roth leaving the band to pursue a short solo career.  They brought in the “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar for a few pretty successful albums.  Although my first ever 7 inch I bought was Jump, this is the song that sticks with me the most.


  1. ELO – Turn to Stone

With their orchestral rock music, I have always been a fan of ELO.  I guess this is my favourite track, as I remember constantly selecting this on the jukebox in the pub where I played pool with my friends during my sixth form.


  1. The Wedding Present – My Favourite Dress

This was my sister’s favourite band of the late 80’s.  They are known for their angst ridden lyrics, and 1000 mile per hour guitar playing.  I had never been to a gig before and I had booked tickets for Level 42, my favourite band at the time and I decided I needed to know what is was like.  My sister was going to this gig at Liverpool University student Uni and decided to tag along to get the feel of it.  The gig also featured the La’s who had just released “there she goes” and were arguably a bigger band.  Nevertheless, it was these guys who stuck and this is my favourite track from their album Tommy.


  1. Stone Roses – Made of Stone

Growing up near Liverpool there was a tradition of music, but during the late 80’s it was Manchester, particularly madchester bands making the biggest impact.  I saw all of the major Madchester bands just as they were starting except the Happy Mondays.  My memory is a bit sketchy on this one, but I seem to remember during a shopping trip to St Helens, the nearest major shopping town, I went into HMV and heard this track.  I’m pretty sure I only had my bus fare left, but I was so taken by this track I decided to buy it and walk the nearly 4 miles home (in the rain!)

  1. Whitesnake – The still of the night

Although I was into rock music from a very early age, this song was the one that got me into the heavier side of things.  This was the last album that Adrian van den Berg the Dutch master guitarist could play on as he injured his wrist while writing the next album.  Adrian was known for his epic riffs and driving guitar sound.  He lives back in the Netherlands, I believe somewhere near Enschede, and released a new album last year.


  1. Level 42 – Heaven in my Hands

I had seen Level 42 on their Running in the Family tour, their most highly successful album of all time when I was at sixth form.  The song which is my favourite from that album was “to be with you again.”  However, during my university period they had released “staring at the sun” which contained this track.  At the time, I had starting competing for the university at lifesaving competitions.  Somewhat like modern athletes, I would listen to this track on my walkman before swimming to boost my performance.


  1. Metallica – Enter Sandman

After playing their guitars at hypersonic speeds for most of the previous albums the Metallica guys wanted to slow it down, but still sound has heavy.  Bob Rock, most famous for producing much softer rock bands, was brought in to try to make this sound.  By all accounts it was a fractious relationship, but the result is their most successful album.  Enter Sandman, who epitomizes this slow, but heavy sound they were looking for.  I did consider Creeping Death, but I think this is the one for that most reminds of all the dingy rock pubs I ended up in the 80s and 90s.


  1. Megadeth – Holy Wars

Meanwhile, Metallica reject Dave Mustanes crew were still at it will hypersonic riffs with their album Rust in Peace.  To be honest I could have picked 4 or 5 off this album but Holy Wars with the intro riff which captures the spirit of the whole album in the first 30 secs is the one for me.

  1. Felix – Don’t you want me

This is probably the song I most remember as exited my Metal phase and went on to my clubbing phase.  This is the one I think most got me hooked on electronic music, which is what I listen most these days.  This has recently had an update by the newly crowned #1 DJ’s in the world Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike which I think shows what impact it has had over the years.


  1. Ferry Corsten – Back to Paradise (Flashover Mix)

I had to include one of the many Dutch DJ/producers in my list.  They have had such a massive influence on the whole electronic music scene.  In the end it was a toss up between Armin van Buuren and Ferry.  However, I still remember my Radio one Essential selection mixes from the early 90’s mixed by Ferry.  This is my absolute favourite from the recent three-part Hello World EP.