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Texel Island Discs | Nov 2015

Texel Island Discs | Nov 2015

Marooned for eternity on Texel Island in the North of Holland, Leigh Ann Arthur chooses her favourite 10 discs to take with her to keep sane.

Top Ten Tunes for Texel   

By Leigh Ann Arthur

Marooned on Texel and the songs that I have at my disposal are but ten! Goodness me, what a situation to think on…I feel blessed however that throughout my life I’ve had great opportunity to sing, play and listen to many different types and forms of music. However, that makes the selection process really difficult!

1 I’ll start with a contemporary pop song that is just fun to listen AND dance to and not knowing for how long I’ll be on Texel – dance and happiness will be necessary:

Happy, by Pharrell Williams

2Which makes me think of one of my more memorable Thanksgiving preparations…I had read in Martha Stewart’s “Living” magazine that if you cover your turkey with a mesh cloth and continuously baste it, the breast will stay nice and juicy…well, yes, but it also means that you have to open the oven door OFTEN, which also means that all that heat leaves the oven and causes the turkey roasting time to elongate…of course I didn’t know this until the day – but THANKFULLY, I had my family with me and ABBA and well, a glass of wine, roasting turkey and ABBA, you HAVE to dance!

Dancing Queen, by ABBA

3I can’t say exactly why, but Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” has been a piece of work that sticks with me throughout my life. I saw a ballet in Salzburg based on it – and I have to say it was truly amazing…But, since I look at that as a total piece of work, I’m going with something else;

Marooned, from their Division Bell album

4As a Christian, I also feel blessed to have the honour of leading our congregation in song worship. There are just so many great contemporary Christian songs, it’s really hard to decide on which ones are my personal favourite, so I list here a few that our congregation really loves, cuz if I’m marooned on an island, I’ll want to remember lots of people; family, friends, and my church family too…

Mighty to Save, a Hillsong Worship song

5 Our God, Chris Tomlin


6 Speak o Lord, by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend


7 And of COURSE I have to have one of the songs we had sung at Benjamin (Benjie) and my wedding in 2011:


Praise My Soul the King of Heaven, composed by John Goss as Lauda Anima, and text by Henry Francis Lyte, based on Psalm 103, sung by St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir

8Another song that Benjie and I had sung (solo) at our wedding is “Song to the Moon” from the opera Rusalka, one of my favourite operas;

Song to the Moon, Antonín Dvořak, sung by Lucia Popp, images by Benjamin Arthur

Supermoon from Benjamin Arthur Photography on Vimeo.

9I’ll move on further with classical music, something that has always been very important in my life. So much excellent classical music has been written, yet there are still pieces that I come across that I’ve never heard, here is a recent piece I purchased;

The Firebird, composed by Igor Stravinsky

10My last selection is one that causes me to weep several times through the piece. It’s also one that tells an amazing story…


Messiah, by George Frideric Handel

I’m missing some jazz (Dave Brubeck), a bit of negro spiritual (Jester Hairston pieces come to mind) and all the musicals I grew up with (West Side Story, The Sound of Music, The King and I, My Fair Lady) but again, there are so many to choose from. I hope you enjoy one or many of the songs which are dear to me.

Leigh Ann