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Texel Island Discs | May 2015

Texel Island Discs | May 2015

By Tom Hunter

While the thought of being marooned with only 10 songs to listen to for the rest of my life is terrifying; I had a great time searching through favourite albums, both old and new, in order to produce this list. I was constantly adding new songs to an ever growing playlist but, ultimately, I found that I could not bring myself to even contemplate life without the following:

The Antlers: Burst Apart - I Don’t Want Love.

antlers_3A beautiful and emotional song, it was hard to choose just one from this album but I finally settled on this one after discovered that it is by far and away my most played song on iTunes.




Bonobo: Black Sands - Kiara.

This song completely changed my opinions concerning electronic music. And having seen Bonobo live Bonobo Black Sandson multiple occasions, including supported by a live band, his music has become a firm favourite of mine. This song can get you through anything.




Darkside: Psychic - Metatron.

I bought this album with zero prior knowledge as part of my preparation for a 15 hour Megabus journey from Darkside- Psychic - MetatronSt Andrews in Scotland to Cardiff in Wales; by the time of my arrival I had listened to the entire album back to back at least seven times. The unique blend of electronic music and guitar play reminiscent of Pink Floyd makes this an album not to miss.

Deafheaven: Sunbather - Sunbather.

The heaviest song on my list by far, but it is not heavy just for the sake of being heavy. The textured and Deafheaven- Sunbather - Sunbather.multi-layered guitar playing of Deafheaven’s Sunbather transcends the boundaries of metal and makes for an enthralling 10 minute listen.



JJ Grey & Mofro: Country Ghetto - On Palestine.

Probably the most perfect song ever written. Perfect for almost any occasion, it brings back a lot of JJ Grey & Mofro- Country Ghetto - On Palestinememories of chilling with friends old and new. I am yet to meet anyone who did not instantly love this song.




Mogwai: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will – Rano Pano.

It was impossible to even choose a favourite album from Mogwai’s extensive back catalogue, however Hardcore_Will_Never_Die_But_You_Willthe fact that this song in particular served as my undergraduate morning alarm for an entire year earned it a place on my list.



Nujabes: Metaphorical Music – Highs 2 Lows (Feat. Cise Starr).

The music of Nujabes, real name Seba Jun (R.I.P.), effortlessly fuses jazz music with hip-hop beats. MetaphoricalMusicThe unique style, and array of excellent guest MCs, makes for one of my favourite albums of all time. Perfect for writing essays and reading papers!



Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here – Wish You Were Here.

I can’t recall when I first heard this song but I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan since being introduced to them Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Hereby my parents many years ago. It remains one of my favourite songs to play on guitar and I only wish I could have seen them live in their heyday.



This Will Destroy You: Young Mountain – The World Is Our_.

The song that changed my life when I was 17. The intricate and beautiful instrumental music of This Will Destroy You- Young MountainThis Will Destroy You opened my eyes to a whole new genre of music that would fast become my all time favourite: Post-Rock.




Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

An all time classic from one of the most perfect and important hip hop albums of all time; one that could Wu-Tang Clan- Enter The Wu-Tangeasily have had multiple entries on this list. I was lucky enough to see the Wu live at Dour festival a couple of years ago and I can happily report that it lived up to my lofty expectations!


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