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Texel Island Discs | Feb 2016

Texel Island Discs | Feb 2016

Marooned for eternity on Texel Island in the North of Holland, Dee Bodle chooses her favourite 10 discs to take with her to keep sane.

Top Ten Tunes for Texel   

By Dee Bodle

I never realised how extremely difficult it was going to be to pick my 10 tracks, but it did get me thinking back to the tracks that have got me to where I am today, so I started with my first ever purchase…

1 I bought this with my pocket money and I had to save for a while before I could buy it and I remember playing it over and over again in my bedroom to the extreme of knowing all the words and giving my parents a singing rendition whenever it was played.  I also found that the B side – One Fine Day was a real bonus so two for the price of one. I suppose this record rings true when you are young, but it still has a place in my heart.

Sweet Talking Guy – The Chiffons

2 Another contender for my affections is this one as it captures in essence my youth and it was played that much that I am surprised that I did not wear it out!

Build me up buttercup – The Foundations

3 When I was looking for a record to play on my wedding day this was my first choice as it can be played with or without the words and I just love the way it takes you away to another place when you listen to it.

A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum

4 When my children were little I went on to love Motown and it became part of my life buying so records and LPs to play whenever I had a minute to spare and it has been so difficult to pick just one from this era but after seeing the Four Tops in Concert I went on to play this over and over again.

Reach out and I’ll be there – The Four Tops

5 Cherish and the lyrics of the song have stayed with me for a long time and whenever it is played it takes me back to those days when I needed transporting to a beach to forget about everything.

Cherish – Kool and the gang

6 As my children grew older my daughter started to sing this and I just melted and fell in love with it, and it holds a real place in my heart and reminds me that your children grow up very quickly.

The Rose – Bette Midler


7 I do not mind telling you that I had a crush on Michael Ball when I saw him in Les Miserables which I have now seen many times in English and in Dutch. This record however has been sung by so many as I remember watching the Toppers in Concert in 2011 sing it and I was watching The Voice UK when a vicar sang it so it just goes to show that it can be a favourite of many.

This is the moment – Michael Ball


8 They first sang this on a show called Soldier Soldier back in the 80s and I know it was originally by the Righteous Brothers but I prefer the Robson and Jeroen rendition as they just capture the moment when they sing it and of course Simon Cowell did not do too badly out of it either.

Unchained Melody – Robson and Jeroen



9 If I had to choose a female singer that I could listen to all the time it would have to be Whitney as she could in my opinion sing anything and I loved whatever she sang but when this was featured on The Bodyguard it brought her to life and now after her death she has left such a great legacy.

I will always love you – Whitney Houston

10 I thought I would finish back in the present day as my granddaughter was performing in a dance concert recently and this was the tune that she had to dance to, so it has grown on me to a point that whenever I hear it I think of her and the fantastic performance she did on the show.

Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars