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Spindlevine is…SPEECHLESS

Spindlevine is…SPEECHLESS

18-20 April, Ostadetheater, Amsterdam: 

An evening of musical storytelling in association with Orange Tea Theatre and Mezrab

When a storyteller is asked to give a speech at his best friend’s wedding, he finds his stories have dried up. How can he resolve the anxiety of being lost for words at the wedding, one that includes his best friend and unrequited lover? What if he is left speechless?

Spindlevine brings together the storytelling talents of Sam Morris, Marin Millenaar and Simon Hodges to tell a man being saved by his own stories. Performing live music together with and composed by Fàtima Fonte, they present a blend of modern storytelling and old-folk sensibility, drawing on old folk legends and stories of their own devising. The result is a soul-satisfying adventure of multiple stories within stories taking you up the bright mountains and down the dark valleys of your imagination with crises presented and resolved again and again and again and again.

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Simon, Sam and Marin have become three of the most popular tellers at the Amsterdam’s legendary storytelling venue Mezrab. With collective experience on stage, big and small screen, and storytelling throughout Europe, this is the first time they have come together for their own show. Fàtima Fonte is a graduate of Amsterdam’s Conservatorium, specialising in European folk traditions and collective composition.

About Spindlevine

Spindlevine is a collective of storytellers and musicians that has been brought together for this show and is set to become an open platform for creative and folk entertainment – recapturing the wisdom of our lost European heritage for the purposes of public entertainment.


About Ostadetheater

The Ostadetheater is a testbed for new theatre talent located in the Pijp, Amsterdam. For anyone who loves adventurous theater, Ostadetheater presents over 200 performances and special events for about ten thousand visitors each year. The programming focuses on new theatre talent, visual and youth theatre.


HOW TO BOOK: See more details here


Dates: 18-20 April, starts at 20:30

Venue: Ostadetheater

Van Ostadestraat 233d

1073 TN, Amsterdam

Tickets: €13/11 conc.


All press are invited to attend and can reserve complementary tickets up to two weeks before the show.