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Slow Beer Braised Oxtail—Britsoc Cooking Coach

Slow Beer Braised Oxtail—Britsoc Cooking Coach

Yes, we have our very own Britsoc cooking coach. Here to tell you how to make Slow Beer Braised Oxtail.

Karen3Karen Vivers, originally from Scotland, has lived here in Amsterdam since 1997, and has set up the Cooking Coach to help inspire people to get back into the kitchen.

The basis of the cooking lessons are easy, tasty, healthy recipes.  Each course starts with a free introduction session, to make sure that you only cook what you like to eat.

As well as cooking lessons, Karen offers Culinary Tours in Amsterdam, is a passionate Food Blogger  and works freelance as a Culinary Consultant, specialising in small and medium businesses, helping them get started, grow and deal with commercial challenges.

Slow Beer Braised Oxtail

I am so lucky to call The Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, my local market.  It’s such a great slice of daily life here.  And, as part of their sales of practically everything under the sun, there is of course food.  The market has some really tasty little treasures.  You won’t see them at first glance, you have to look a little closer to see the international delicacies, or the typically Amsterdam classics.  I take my culinary tour clients along the market and let them taste the best fresh stroopwaffels, the classic Belgian style fries, loempia, and of course some herring – the original Dutch fast food.  I love taking them to the spice shop and telling them about how wars were fought over these flavours.  Although some are surprised to hear of the lengths that people went to add some taste to their 17th century European food, not me, I’d fight for my right to spice any day.

DOWNLOAD the entire menu here: Slow Beer Braised Oxtail