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Postcard from the isle of Sal, Cape Verde

Fabulous beaches are what initially put Cape Verde on the map for us as a holiday destination. After visiting Boa Vista (another island) last year we were not disappointed. This year, we decided to visit the island of Sal.

We found that Sal has a coastline of Caribbean-white bays and golden dunes. It has trade winds, which means that water sports like wind and kite surfing are readily available and great to watch. There is a flag system in place if you want to swim in the ocean – red means stay well away, yellow says take care, and green means you’re okay. There wasn’t a green flag all the time we were there, but we did have some fantastic waves that we could encounter, as swimming was prohibited.

We went to Sal in late February, and the temperature averaged 26 degrees. In Boa Vista in September last year, the temperature reached over 30 degrees. The breeze from the Sahara, however, keeps things comfortable in the hotter months, and rainfall is a real rarity.

PalmsBoth of the islands are principally beach resorts with long stretches of white sand and an abundance of water sports. All our needs were catered for as our resorts on both islands were all-inclusive. Boa Vista and Sal are islands for beach lovers and relaxation — you can visit most of most of the island’s sights and attractions in half a day.  Santa Maria is the main tourist area on Sal. At night, there is a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants.

Shop-webSal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands regarding tourism, yet it has a very barren landscape. A large percentage of visitors come to Sal for water sports, which is hardly surprising as Sal’s long sandy beaches and turquoise water make it a beautiful playground for water sports enthusiasts.

Cape Verde does not have and abundance of stuff to see and do, but if you just want the perfect place to relax in the sun, where you can enjoy long walks along the coastline, you will not be disappointed.

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