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Our Nick is a bit tasty

Our Nick is a bit tasty

“Is this great Nosh or what?”

Introducing Food Expert Nick Nugent.

He will be our regular Food Correspondent, reporting from the four corners of the global kitchen. Starting in Amsterdam.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to him here.

About the author

I am originally from near Liverpool in the north of England and my formative years with food, were very typical of a northern lad, meat and two veg.  As I came into my teenage years and being a surly teenager did not like anything anymore which my mum put in front of me and so I forced my poor mum to become more adventurous with the dishes we got.  I still however love British favourites such as roast dinners, stews and pies all good hearty winter stuff.  I spent nearly 5 years at Birmingham University doing chemistry which my love for cooking and Indian food began.  Since cooking is a bit like chemistry I always enjoyed the process and I became passionate over the years.  Once I was earning money and able to start eating at decent restaurants I used to try to recreate dishes I had eaten using what I could deduce from my palate, sometimes with good results and sometime with bad.  Nevertheless it helped me understand the cooking process and how to achieve great looking and tasting food.

I moved to the Netherlands about 5 years ago after working for a Dutch company and visiting over 100 times in 10 years (mostly in the East) before making the permanent move over here.  The first 4 years I spent in Almelo then Enschede until I finally moved to the big smoke in Jan 2012.  I was very excited by this move as I think I had been to every good restaurant that the east had to offer at least twice.  So to say I was looking forward to the opportunity to broaden my Dutch food horizons was an understatement.

I work as a distributor manager for a large American company and you will find me travelling around the world tasting everything that it has to offer.  At the moment my current assignment is to the Middle East dealing with both Israel and the Arabic countries and sampling the best of their wares.  Previously I have dealt with CIS countries, Turkey and Africa.  I travel extensively for personal pleasure too with trips to China, Australia and a European road trip of 10 countries being the most recent examples.  I believe this gives me a wide experience of good food which I hope to share with you through this column.

My food philosophy is quite simple; if it looks good and tastes good then its good.  Price does play some part in my reckoning as if I am paying 50 euros for a main course then I expect it to look and taste like it’s worth it.  I am not a food snob though and I would be happy enough with 1 euro burger from a hole in the wall if tastes good too.  My aim is to look at sometimes the quirkier side of Amsterdam food although you will find regular reviews as well.  Occasionally if I find one that is really good then I will share it with everyone and create a dinner event.

I would like to give the column a name and I have some ideas which I will share with you below.  But I would like to open it to the readership and get some ideas from you.  The winner will receive a 50 euro voucher for my current favourite restaurant Bussia on Reestraat.  If you wish me to join you for this experience I would be happy to accompany you and follow it up with the review.

Examples below:


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