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Last of…flying Vulcan bomber

Last of…flying Vulcan bomber

THE LAST OF…The Flying Vulcan Bomber

By Dee Bodle

The last flying Vulcan bomber is causing quite a stir in the UK as it will take to the skies for the final time this month. The Vulcan is best known for its efforts during the Falklands war in 1982, where it carried out the longest ever raid. It has since then been popular at airshows, but experts have now said that it has to stop flying.

The Vulcan bomber has a very unique shape and it has a very distinctive earth shaking roar when it takes off. It was built in the 60’s in a factory in Greater Manchester but now resides at Robin Hood (Doncaster Sheffield) Airport. As part of its farewell tour it flew over an aircraft manufacturer in Brough, East Yorkshire and it was recently the ‘star of the show’ at several Airshows all around the UK but now it is due to end its final flying season.

The ‘Vulcan to the sky trust’ had raised over 2 million annually to service and operate the aircraft, but after major engineering backers withdrew their support it has now been grounded. Robin Hood Airport will now host ‘The Vulcan Experience’ a chance to get ‘up close and personal’ to the Vulcan, were you can meet some of the aircrew, engineers and view personal recollections, which are on display in the hangar with the aircraft.