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Join the Rugby Sevens Party

Join the Rugby Sevens Party


Last year we sent an elite team of die hard volunteers of the British Society to investigate the rumours of an outdoor party on the outskirts of Amsterdam West that included rugby, lashings of cold beer, a plethora of fit men and women in shorts and an amazing family atmosphere. You may also recall that we reported that the rumours are true and that the Amsterdam Sevens ticks all of those boxes.

Three days of May

In case you missed our publications last year, the Amsterdam Sevens is a well organised tournament that spans three days of May every year and really is an excellent way to spend a long weekend. The rugby itself is Sevens format, which for newcomers is rugby played by teams of seven (simple so far). The rules and play are easier to understand that the 15 a side version of the game, and the games are shorter and faster so it can and does get very exciting. It’s also ideal for younger family members with a shorter attention span, and an ideal way to introduce the family to one of the new Olympic sports for 2016.

IMG_3281-web Friday May 22nd to Sunday May 24th
The 2015 tournament will take place from Friday May 22nd to Sunday May 24th. The event is held on the playing grounds of Rugby Club AAC and Sportpark De Eendracht.  This year there will be at least 120 teams participating, coming from more than 30 different countries to battle for the prizes and highest honour.

World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series
The ladies rugby is one of the World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series with top international team competing for honours, and this year there is the added significance that four female country teams can win their qualification for the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016. No quarter will be given by the ladies teams this year, including the Dutch team! For those of you that know something about rugby, the ladies event is equivalent to the Hong Kong or Dubai Sevens in terms of international recognition, and all on your doorstep. Top teams and players have known about the Amsterdam Sevens for years. Tim Visser, now playing in the Scottish national team, was scouted here.

IMG_3422-web Discount for the first 50 British Society members to buy tickets

With such a potentially exciting weekend of rugby ahead, we are pleased to announce that the organisers are offering a discount on the ticket price for the first 50 British Society members to buy tickets. To secure this discount you need to use this promotional code: A7SBRSMAG2015 when ordering tickets through the Amsterdam Sevens webshop.  The webshop can be found here

Buy Your Britsoc Member Promotional Tickets Here: Code: A7SBRITSOC2015



Members of the British Society will be attending and we hope to see you there. It’s a perfect way to become a part of the Amsterdam festival of rugby and have a wonderful time. The only thing that we cannot guarantee is sunshine, but it the weather repeats the 2014 conditions it will be a tournament to remember.





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