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SNACKABLE PDFs from this Month’s ZINE

In a hurry? Crave more digestible, snackable articles from the ZINE? Got the attention span of a small carrot? Good news. We taken the Britsoc hammer and broken this month’s ZINE into bite-sized chunks?  Or “Chunking” as we hipsters at the ZINE call it.

Read. Enjoy. Share.

May 2013 ZINE Magazine: selected articles in bite-sized, downloadable chunks.

Interview of the month: John Wilcock, Amsterdam’s United States Consul(he’s a Brit) (2.4mb)

Exhibition Review: Peter the Great (3.5mb)

Arts: Interview with Amsterdam Artist Miles Phillips (3.3mb)

Arts: Quick cycle tour through the Rijksmuseum (3.6mb)

Food: Vegetable Lasagne (858kb)

Britsoc Sports: Interview with Golf organiser Liz Wen (2.3mb)

Full MAY ZINE Magazine Download (5.5mb)


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