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Glitz, glamour and gluttony

Glitz, glamour and gluttony

By Rebecca Hilliard

Were the diamonds, abundant on every lady, real? And, had the recent release of Skyfall accounted for the ultra sharp turn-out of our gents? We may never know, but our cast at the Diamond Jubilee Ball in December was one of glitz, glamour and pure ‘fabulousness’.

In the ancient St. Olof’s chapel at the Barbizon Palace Hotel, the stage was set for an evening of entertainment and merriment that would last until the curtain came down in the early hours of Sunday morning.

 The ball marked the end of a year of Diamond Jubilee celebrations and what a way to end! First we were welcomed with champagne, with the option of a ‘Caret champagne’ – a special glass that held the chance of winning a real diamond, (eventually claimed by Social Friday’s organiser Tracey Taylor who is, no doubt, now pondering how she will have it set – ring, necklace or perhaps some other trinket).

And then the food. Ooh, the food. Our Michelin starred (and British) chef, Chris Naylor spoilt us with a fantastic three course meal accompanied by wine that seemed to never stop flowing.

And next? Katty Heath, star of ‘Voice of Holland’ treated us to some classics that got everyone in the mood for the dancing that followed. And how we danced…non-stop for many hours before wearily going back out in to night with bruised feet and smiles on our faces!

Footnote: Through ticket sales, sponsorships, raffle and the silent auction, the ball raised in excess of € 2 500 for the year’s chosen charity, the Red Cross.

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“A massive thank you to all our sponsors” 

Chairman Stephen Huyton