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Get a passport extension

Get a passport extension

If you’re living overseas, you can apply to extend your British passport for 12 months. Child passports can also be extended.

You won’t be charged any extra fees.

Countries and territories that accept extended passports

You can enter the UK with an extended passport.

Read a list of other countries and territories that will accept extended passports. The list will be updated regularly.

You should check that the country or territory you’re travelling to will accept extended passports – phone your nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.


All of the following must apply:

  • you’re outside the UK
  • you have a red passport
  • you haven’t already applied to renew your passport
  • your passport expired less than 6 months ago or will expire in the next 3 months (or in the next 7 months if you’re in or going to a country or territory that says you must have 6 months left on your passport)
  • your passport has at least 3 blank pages

Apply for an extension

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. The service is by appointment only – phone your nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission and select the ‘consular services’ option.
  3. Take your passport, application form (and 1 other form of photo identification if you have it) to your appointment – parents can attend on behalf of children, and husbands and wives can attend on behalf of each other.

Your passport will be extended for 12 months.

You may be eligible for an emergency travel document if you’re overseas, you don’t qualify for a passport extension and you can’t get a new or replacement British passport in time to travel.