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Free to all

Free Membership
Our events, your inbox. Awesome!

Britsoc-Iconic-Flag-freerA freer society

In line with our future goals of creating a society built around people’s interests, rather than nationality, we have decided to abolish our membership fee structure and make it free and open to everyone.

This will simplify the way new and interested members can sign up to be on our membership list.

Free Membership
Our events, your inbox. Awesome!

The advantages of signing up are many:

  • Free magazine delivered to your digital door every month, written and produced by out team of writers, bloggers  and editors.
  • Early notification of upcoming events—never again shall you be locked out the gates on Bonfire Night, or be left at home as we strut our stuff at the annual Christmas Ball or Burn’s Night.
  • You shall also be invited to our new business networking events and new social events. Many of which are being organised through our MeetUp page. Please check this out if you haven’t already done so.
  • We’ll also reach out to a broader audience through our new page on MeetUp, and social feeds like Twitter and Facebook.
  • And finally, we bring this all together on our popular website

meetup-logoPlease note that signing up to become a free member openly encourages those who take the time to contribute to this storehouse of useful information, news, links, blogs, events…Heck! We have everything you need for a good laugh and great time.

If that sounds like you and you’re not British…even better.

We want you to join. No pressure. You can be as dormant or active as you want.

But please do take a minute to join us using the link below.

Free Membership
Our events, your inbox. Awesome!

We promise not to use your email for anything else other than kindling for the Britsoc bonfire, and the occasional email about an upcoming events or activities.

Existing Paid Members

If you were previously a paid member of the BritSoc and would ask any questions about your current membership please send an email to the Membership Secretary with your name and details of your membership (i.e., membership number and former address would be helpful).