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England, my England

England, my England

England, my England

From 28 August to 6 September the Utrecht Early Music Festival presents glorious music from court, cathedral and tavern with England, my England as Festival theme.

Utrecht Early Music Festival – England, my England

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This year the Utrecht Early Music festival, the largest early music festival in the world, will go in search of the English soul. When in the 17th century the Huguenots fled en masse from France to England, they took their own culture with them. Before long they were playing an important role in English artistic life. Architect and decorator Daniel Marot fled to the Netherlands, where Willem III employed him to work on Paleis Het Loo, and later, when Willem became king of England, Marot laid the foundation of the characteristic William and Mary style in England. Typically English? Things that are seen as such are often the product of import and cross-pollination.

The focus of this Early Music Festival will lie on the Renaissance and early Baroque. Of course Henry Purcell plays an important role – the Funeral Sentences will be heard, but also King Arthur and Dido and Aeneas. We will also focus on Handel’s lesser-known contemporaries such as Bononcini, Avison and Boyce in a series of programmes entitled “Out of Handel’s shadow.”

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Wednesday 2 sept – Dunedin Consort

Thursday 3 sept – La Risonanza

Friday 4 sept – Capriccio Stravagante

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England, my England

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