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Christmas Ball Charity – Voedselbank Amsterdam

Christmas Ball Charity – Voedselbank Amsterdam

The Voedselbank Amsterdam is the chosen Charity for the Christmas Ball this year.  Below we give some information on their great work.  What other reasons do you need to buy a ticket for the Christmas Ball?

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Voedselbank Amsterdam’s goal is to give direct food aid to people in poverty. We fight poverty, reduce food surplus and lessen the environmental burden. Stichting Voedselbank Amsterdam functions as the link between food surplus on the one hand and poverty on the other.

What does De Voedselbank do and for whom?


  • Acquire and distribute food for people with little money
  • Reduce food surplus

For whom?

  • People who can spend a maximum of 180 EUROS pm.
  • Amsterdam: 1700 families, 4236 persons
  • State Noord Holland: 5000 families


  • 8 regional distrubutioncenters
  • 162 foodbanks in The Netherlands
  • 14 distributionpoints in Amsterdam

How does de Voedselbank acquire food?


  • Manufacturers: supermarkets, wholesalers, farmers,

We work with the special index of NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority)

  • Voedselbrigade Amsterdam
  • Co-operation Instock, Soupalicious and Manna Foundation

School and company actions

  • Young people and employees collect staple ingredients such as pasta, rice and dried pulses


  • Supermarket actions
  • Bring food to distrubtion points

What can you do to help?

Become a volunteer!


See for vacancies our website

If you want to help “one-time” see our website (activiteiten kalender) or

The costs of one food package for a family is 3, 50 euro. We need the money for buses, gasoline, insurance, rent, our cold store etc.


With your help we hope to raise some money to help these families have a great Christmas this year.