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Chairman’s Message July-Aug 2015

Chairman’s Message July-Aug 2015


By Ian Cherington


Dear members,

I am watching Andy Murray piling on the tension at Wimbledon.

At the same time, a new Greek tragedy is unfolding and I hope that someone really does know what is happening and what the best outcome will be. In both events!

We seem to get more emotional and involved with our Scottish hero than we do with the possible future of our economy.

So it seems we prefer the lighter side of life, or maybe the pressure is all too much.

And we all need a holiday!

Well, it’s that time of year and I suggest that you all take a break and enjoy some time off.

We, of course, will continue to slave on your behalf as we prepare for the next event and all the ongoing activities for those who stay here.

Go sailing! Set up a fishing group! Play squash and sweat for a week!

Whatever your ideal way of relaxing; I hope you find it during these warm and balmy, barmy months.

Have a great summer everybody and we will see you back here in September.

With a new Wimbledon champion and Drachmas back in your coin collection.


Ian Cherington


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