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Britsoc Chairman’s Corner March 2016

Britsoc Chairman’s Corner March 2016

Hi Everyone,

As we stutter in to spring I have a great event for you in association with Timothy Oulton which is our exclusive G&T and Whisky tasting.  A great way to welcome in the spring.  There are only 50 spaces for this event so get your tickets now. Due to a supplier dropping out we have been able to drop the ticket price for the event to 20 euros.

G&T and Whisky tasting evening
Timothy Oulton Amsterdam

Gentlemens-evening-Amsterdam-store-3-1Soon our Shakespeare’s birthday party at Greenwoods will be announced you will have to be quick with that one as well.  The announcement will be via our Facebook and Website.

I have been trying to find a nice venue to have a garden party for the Queen’s 90th Birthday this year.  At the moment it is looking difficult.  If any of you out there have a good idea please feel free to contact me.

At some of our events such as this we need help from volunteers with First Aid experience (EHBO). At the moment we are a little short of people.  If you have a current qualification then I would love to hear from you if you would not mind being involved.  If you wish to get this training then I’m considering paying for some people to do this on behalf of the society.  I will need you to commit to at least one event per year, but you would have the EHBO certificate paid for by us.  The Red Cross run the course in English if that is a worry for any one.  Again let me know if you are interested?

In February we managed to arrange a discount for all our members at Greenwoods Keizergracht.  I hope to be able to also announce another special deal this month.

I regularly get approached for English speakers for Schools and other societies like ours.  I know personally a few people who can give an interesting talk but I know there must be more of you out there.  I would like to create a database of speakers which, should someone approach me, I can connect you together.  If you would be willing to offer yourself as a speaker then please contact me with a small CV and abstract about what you can talk about.

On a similar note there are many enterpreneurs with the Expat commmunity.  If you are offering a service then you may like to join our classfieds section on our website.

I’m looking forward to the final of the Six Nations.  I’m an England supporter and so far we have not looked that impressive but with the Wales/Ireland draw put the cat amongst the pigeons.  Good luck to all the UK teams left in contention.  Watch out for the rugby 7’s in Amsterdam this May for a good day out.