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International Community Advisory Panel – survey on International children & education

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Building bridges for the international community

ICAP Amsterdam is an initiative put together by four long-standing members of the international community to act as an independent bridge between the international community itself and government and civic organisations.

In particular, we aim to establish an independent forum which represents and reflects the views of the international community on issues which have an impact on the city’s attractiveness as a place to live in and do business.

The city regularly scores very highly in international comparisons – facts which officials are keen to promote whenever possible. However, these glowing reports do not always reflect the reality on the ground. And Amsterdam lacks a broad framework for communicating with and receiving input/feedback from the international community and assessing its diverse needs and concerns. ICAP aims to change this.

The International Community Advisory Panel will focus on four main areas:

– Education

– Housing

– Healthcare

– Work and Inclusion


ICAP is an independent foundation, registered in Amsterdam.

ICAP’s ideals are supported by the Amsterdam Expatcenter and ICAP is already working with city officials in some areas.


Robin Pascoe: founder of news website

Emmy McCarthy: founder of information and support source Amsterdam Mamas

Lynn Kaplanian Buller: Co-owner of The American Book Centre

Deborah Valentine: Executive Director of volunteer network ACCESS

If you can help with this survey on International children and education
Your input will help the International Community Advisory Panel to find out more about how international parents in the Netherlands approach their children’s education and will, we hope, lead to improvements in the future.

This is the link

Open Survey

Dyslexia Parent Support Group

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Do you have a child who is, or may be, dyslexic?

Come and join our group.
 We will be discussing and sharing ideas on
 how to help a dyslexic child with their
 reading, spelling and homework,
 as well as all the other issues that affect their lives.

dyslex_logo-webThis group was established in 2003 with the principal aim of putting parents of dyslexic children in touch with one another. We meet monthly during term time either for an informal coffee morning or a chance to listen to a guest speaker. The meetings provide an ideal opportunity to exchange information, share ideas, and share your anxieties and successes with each other.

During the year we invite several guest speakers along, all of whom have a professional interest in dyslexia. (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Dyslexia Specialist, Speech Therapist)

The second aim was to be a central source of information about which resources are available for dyslexic children locally, such as tutors and where you can get your child assessed. As such, I am always happy to hear from qualified professionals who can offer support and services for dyslexic children.

The group is a friendly, internationally represented group of parents, with the majority of their children being educated in English. You are also very welcome to attend if you are still unsure if your child might be dyslexic.

Everyone is welcome to contact me either for information or to join the group and attend meetings. You can also join an email list so you are kept informed of any meeting/talk that is taking place. There is no charge although occasionally there is a fee to pay for a guest speaker.




Nomad Parents Website
Email Debra Lambert
For further information contact Debra Lambert with this email link