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83-year-old man dances man at Dutch electronic dance festival

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This 83-year-old man dances like he isn’t a day older than 30 in footage from an electronic dance festival in Holland.

A video has emerged of an 83-year-old man dancing energetically to music at an electronic dance festival in the Netherlands.

In the footage, captured by a bystander at Edit Festival in Haarlem, Johan de Vries can be seen dancing in front of crowds of young revellers.

Known locally as the ‘Grandfather of House’, Johan has been showcasing his dance skills at festivals for several years and, according to local news reports, used to be a ballroom dancer.

“No wonder Holland is the number one country when it comes to electronic dance-music,” the filmer later wrote online.

“Dance is in the genes of the Dutch. At Edit Festival in Haarlem, where international DJ’s like Sasha, Danny Howels and the guys from Slam performed, this 83-year old man knew the moves.

“Oh Yeah! Upon asking what he thought of the festival he said: ‘It’s still early. I am waiting for the DJ’s who play harder music”.


By Leon Siciliano, video source Newsflare

Texel Island Discs | June 2015

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By David Raleigh,  AngloINFO Amsterdam

Marooned for eternity on Texel Island in the north of Amsterdam, David Raleigh from AngloInfo chooses his favourite 10 discs to take with him.

Texel-Island-Discs-May-2015The agony of choice. Being 10 in 1981 with a brother 8 years older that me meant that I already knew all the lyrics to the songs by The Jam by heart and I had an appreciation for the punk era music and the post punk rock. It also meant that I could not go near his precious vinyls or touch his stereo set up. He did make some cassette recordings for me though for a fair price….This situation left me in the lounge with 2 long play vinyls to choose from and one of those defined my musical tastes in general. The Best of Elvis was a musical epiphany for me. I remember one of my sisters bawling her eyes out one morning in 1977, but in the early 80’s the King was very much still alive for me. His swagger and catchy tunes with a heavy gospel and blues backbones was my sound and still is now. I am open to all new musical strains and love much of the good stuff that appears, but I still love the very same music I listed to in the 80’s. By the way, the second vinyl I had was a collection of Scooby Doo stories. I played that once too. Once. Those pesky kids.


Elvis - Guitar Man
We don’t need a guitar man, son…Elvis says in that song. Yes we do, but we just needed him to eat less burgers and shape up. Elvis as an ageing crooner would have been fantastic. Slower with his voice dropping an octave would have been fantastic. This song was my favourite on the one vinyl I had. I now have everything he ever sung and there are some great stuff that most people will never hear.
The Jam - This is the Modern World.
Energy and meaning wrapped together in a short track that always stirs something in me when I hear it. An air guitar is often played.
Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon.
I love great guitar work. The sounds on this track are just amazing. At the time they recorded it Ian McCulloch stayed out all night working on it. When he came home in the morning, his girlfriend was furious and wanted to know where he had been. He played this track and she started to cry. It was considered for the soundtrack to the great film Donnie Darko, but missed the cut. A shame as the early atmospheric sounds would have been perfect.
The Smiths - There is a Light and it Never Goes Out.
Largely considered the best Smiths song and I agree.  Wonderful lyrics wrapped up in fabulous music. The perfect meeting of the skills of Morrissey and Johnny Marr.
The White Stripes - Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground
I could not ever exclude the White Stripes from a list like this. Meg and Jack White were the freshest breath of air in the world during their time together. A blues rock combo that shines brightest in this track.

The Black Keys - Everlasting Light.
Another blues rock combo this time from Ohio. The variety in sound and scope that 2 musicians can make is outstanding. This song is just beautiful.

The Wedding Present - Kennedy.
This group has to appear in the list as it is the group I have seen live the most times. I studied in Leeds for different reasons, but one of them was to have a better chance to see this Leeds based band more often. Some great British rock sounds and lyrics mainly themed on unrequited love, a subject I subscribed to during my student days.

Chopin - All the Nocturnes.
I have spent many years living in Paris. I always said I would never leave Paris, but I am glad I did, although I am always very happy to be visiting Paris at any time still. Once I shared a flat there with a professional pianist. She would play Chopin day and night in the next room and I would listen to that while I worked. Rather than be a distraction I got so much done during that time.

The Sundays - Joy.
I love a jangling guitar riff with a female voice softly invading my ears. The Sundays were that sound for a long time even once they decided to stop making music and do other things. A typical student favourite the group still sounds like fresh English sounds. Joy is a great example but other tracks could easily have made this position.

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood.
Last and certainly not least, the Beatles are perhaps the uber group that will still be played in 1000 years and more. The variety and range of the fab four have never been equalled and will probably never be bettered. Fabtastic.

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Coffee Festival Amsterdam

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The Amsterdam Coffee Festival, 16 May 2015

Starring three singer-songwriters, hot from a freshly brewed pot of young musical talent.

By John Richardson, Editor in Chief, Britsoc Magazine “Fish and Chips for the Soul


Saturday May 16. NDSM-Wharf, Amsterdam.  The Amsterdam Coffee Festival, following the huge success of  The London Coffee Festival, took place in a giant ship building warehouse on the north shores of Amsterdam’s ‘Het IJ’ river. Now in its second year, the festival celebrates Amsterdam’s vibrant coffee scene. Informal and buzzy, the warehouse was bustling with artisan coffee and gourmet food stalls, tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, live music, art exhibitions and more.



Singer-Songwriter Rich Stephenson shows how to make a cup of coffee with an Amsterdam bike

Rich-Stephenson-webHard to get a cup of coffee
Ironically, I found it really hard to get a cup of coffee. The stall owners seemed more enthralled by each other and the event than by customers. I guess it’s the thrill of starting something new, and being at the coffee event of the year. Or maybe they were just too cool to serve people. I don’t know. I couldn’t work it out. We did find a kind of Heath Robinson coffee making machine that made coffee when you cycled. Again we tried to catch the attention of the inventor, but after 20 minutes we moved on.

Coffee and Martini
We then tried the Coffee and Martini stall. Unfortunately, the Martini police had raided his stall the night before and confiscated all his hooch. But he was allowed to sell a  rather strong unpasteurised lager, and that’s how I became drunk at a coffee festival.

Freshly brewed pot of singer-songwriter talent
Lucky, I was there for the live music on the Saturday stage, which had a London Hyde Park theme going for it. Hot from  a freshly brewed pot of young musical talent were three singer-songwriters that impressed me greatly: Rich Stephenson, Sharlette and One Clueless Friend.

Rich Stephenson is a singer-songwriter that reminds me of Loudon Wainwright III. Dressed, like his many fans, in a vibrant orange  ‘I AM RICH’  T-Shirt and matching pumps—which contrasted brilliantly against the green Hyde Park theme— he gave an energetic, athletic, foot stomping performance that was infused with infectious and catchy lyrics.


Rich Opening Song Coffee Festival A’dam May 2015 from John Richardson on Vimeo.

I first saw Rich 18 months ago, and he’s really progressed into a mature songwriter. Some of his new ballads confirm my suspicion that we’ll be hearing more from Rich.

I AM Rich-Fans

The ‘I AM RICH’ Fan Club

Actually, I’m a couple of euros poorer as I bought a ‘I AM RICH’ T-Shirt and CD-EP. Visit Rich’s Bandcamp site here (where you can listen to and buy the EP & T-shirts)

One-Clueless-Friend(web)One Clueless Friend
One the great surprises on the Hyde Park stage were One Clueless Friend. Laid back and unassuming,  their sound had a kind of Pink Floyd menace wrapped in a beautifully crafted melodic aura. Effortlessly brilliant and beautifully sublime, I felt I’d witnessed the discovery of something truly rare: the real thing.

Straight from the Department of Cool, Sharlette and her guitarist sang and played with a moving depth that resonated with me on many levels. Vulnerable yet confident, she hooked your soul with her hauntingly hot-blooded voice, laid bare with resonating lyrics and her partner’s equally poignant guitar riffs. Apart from the coffee, this was great way to spend a Saturday.Sharlette_Singer_Songwriter


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Texel Island Discs | May 2015

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By Tom Hunter

While the thought of being marooned with only 10 songs to listen to for the rest of my life is terrifying; I had a great time searching through favourite albums, both old and new, in order to produce this list. I was constantly adding new songs to an ever growing playlist but, ultimately, I found that I could not bring myself to even contemplate life without the following:

The Antlers: Burst Apart - I Don’t Want Love.

antlers_3A beautiful and emotional song, it was hard to choose just one from this album but I finally settled on this one after discovered that it is by far and away my most played song on iTunes.




Bonobo: Black Sands - Kiara.

This song completely changed my opinions concerning electronic music. And having seen Bonobo live Bonobo Black Sandson multiple occasions, including supported by a live band, his music has become a firm favourite of mine. This song can get you through anything.




Darkside: Psychic - Metatron.

I bought this album with zero prior knowledge as part of my preparation for a 15 hour Megabus journey from Darkside- Psychic - MetatronSt Andrews in Scotland to Cardiff in Wales; by the time of my arrival I had listened to the entire album back to back at least seven times. The unique blend of electronic music and guitar play reminiscent of Pink Floyd makes this an album not to miss.

Deafheaven: Sunbather - Sunbather.

The heaviest song on my list by far, but it is not heavy just for the sake of being heavy. The textured and Deafheaven- Sunbather - Sunbather.multi-layered guitar playing of Deafheaven’s Sunbather transcends the boundaries of metal and makes for an enthralling 10 minute listen.



JJ Grey & Mofro: Country Ghetto - On Palestine.

Probably the most perfect song ever written. Perfect for almost any occasion, it brings back a lot of JJ Grey & Mofro- Country Ghetto - On Palestinememories of chilling with friends old and new. I am yet to meet anyone who did not instantly love this song.




Mogwai: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will – Rano Pano.

It was impossible to even choose a favourite album from Mogwai’s extensive back catalogue, however Hardcore_Will_Never_Die_But_You_Willthe fact that this song in particular served as my undergraduate morning alarm for an entire year earned it a place on my list.



Nujabes: Metaphorical Music – Highs 2 Lows (Feat. Cise Starr).

The music of Nujabes, real name Seba Jun (R.I.P.), effortlessly fuses jazz music with hip-hop beats. MetaphoricalMusicThe unique style, and array of excellent guest MCs, makes for one of my favourite albums of all time. Perfect for writing essays and reading papers!



Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here – Wish You Were Here.

I can’t recall when I first heard this song but I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan since being introduced to them Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Hereby my parents many years ago. It remains one of my favourite songs to play on guitar and I only wish I could have seen them live in their heyday.



This Will Destroy You: Young Mountain – The World Is Our_.

The song that changed my life when I was 17. The intricate and beautiful instrumental music of This Will Destroy You- Young MountainThis Will Destroy You opened my eyes to a whole new genre of music that would fast become my all time favourite: Post-Rock.




Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

An all time classic from one of the most perfect and important hip hop albums of all time; one that could Wu-Tang Clan- Enter The Wu-Tangeasily have had multiple entries on this list. I was lucky enough to see the Wu live at Dour festival a couple of years ago and I can happily report that it lived up to my lofty expectations!


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Flanders and Swan | Lunchtime Music and Words

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Flanders and Swan |Lunchtime| Music and words from the 60s

Special guest

Dim van den Berge – French horn

A free lunch-time 30 minute concert containing music and words from the very popular ( in the 1960’s)

Flanders and Swann.

Amongst the numbers to be performed are;

Ill Wind, ( not what you would think these days),

also  I’m a Gnu (self explanatory J )  and

The Hippopotamus Song ( Mud, mud glorious mud).

All of this will be on the 28th April at 12.30 p.m.

in the foyer of the National Opera and Ballet on the Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

Opera gala in Amstelveen and Almere

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Opera gala in Amstelveen and Almere

Amstelveens Symfonie orkest

On Sunday 12th April at 14.30 in Almere Haven :

Kerkcentrum Goede Rede, Kerkstraat 60, 1354 AM

and also on

Saturday 18th april at 20.00 in Amstelveen;
Paaskerk, Augustinuspark 1, 1185 CN

Download PDF Flyer

You are invited to come and enjoy your favourite arias, choruses and musical interludes in an opera extravaganza concert.

The programme includes the Hebrew Slave’s chorus from Nabucco, Baccanale (the drinking song) from La Traviata, Habanera en Les Toréadors from Carmen and so much more.

logoThe whole programme will be conducted by our new top conductor Rutger van Leyden.

Gala kleding/evening dress is niet verplicht but super if you feel up to a party effort.

At the Paaskerk this would mean reserved seats, waitor service and a VIP room in the interval.

Tickets cost €15,00 (€5,00 for children 5-12) and are available via the respective websites.

*** For the Amstelveen concert, groups of 4 or more can order tickets for 12,50 up until 11th April via the amso website.              12th April concert                       18th April concert

Download PDF Flyer

Ensemble: Music for wind quintet and piano

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On Saturday 28th September 2013 at 14.00 in Amsterdam’s Tamboer concert room, you are invited to the launch concert of an exciting new group of super professional musicians.

For those who would enjoy a touch of afternoon culture whilst looking out over the Vondel Park on a glorious day in Amsterdam (we hope) then take advantage of this special invite to a free entry, donation at the end concert.

Piano plus wind quintet will soothe your ears with French and English works in a short afternoon concert you’ll remember for years to come

(we are still hopeful) !



Weather Gods save the Prinsengracht Concert

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At first the umbrellas were up and the rain came down
It looked set for the night, but the rain gods were on our side. After two hours huddled under our red brolly, the jolly rain gods took pity on us and it stopped at the precise moment the musicians from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra took their seats under the huge canopy. And so the festivities began. Read more

Roger Waters The Wall Live. Amsterdam Arena Sept 08, 2013

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Roger Waters, the co-founder and principal songwriter of the archetypal progressive band Pink Floyd, has announced the return of the historic production of “The Wall” to Europe in 2013. His aural and visual masterpiece of alienation and transformation will be performed in its entirety featuring a full band and state-of-the-art production.

For these large open air stadiums, Roger Waters has re-designed and scaled up The Wall show to create the ultimate stadium event, bringing The Wall experience even closer to fans wherever they are sitting and making the production even more encompassing in large venues.

Waters’ first reinvented his iconic stage production of “The Wall” in 2010 utilizing modern day technological advances and special effects which have been embraced by audiences around the globe with countless sold out performances and multiple-night stands including a record-breaking 9 sold out shows at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “The Wall” remains one of the most influential albums in the history of recorded music with a profound effect on pop culture, resonating with multiple generations of music fans.

Prior to 2010, “The Wall” show was simply too large to contemplate a tour, but new arenas and advances in touring technology have solved that dilemma. Waters has updated the look and feel of the show to ensure it matches the astonishing theatrical extravaganza that The Wall’s live incarnation became so legendary for – thus allowing yet another generation to be inspired by the grandeur of the breath taking visual and aural spectacle.