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Chairman’s Corner

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Chairmans Corner

Bonfire Night went with a Bang this year and think most people agreed that the firework display was the most spectacular we have ever had. Mark your cards for the 5 th November next year. The event is always popular and we will try to increase numbers so that more people can join us.

The event gallery is HERE

Our Christmas Ball is progressing nicely with only a few tickets left. If you fancy joining us for the best party to start the festive season then buy your ticket before the are all gone here:

More details are announced on the entertainment and we will start to reveal some of the tremedous prizes that we have been able to get from Amsterdam Businesses very shortly.

At the remembrance service on the 12 th November I met the Mayor of Amsterdam (pictured with me above) for the first time and was able to thank him for the meeting he arranged following the EU referendum. He told me it was only a natural reaction to the result to reassure our British contingent in Amsterdam. I would like to thank again Eberhard van der Laan in print as well for his positive reaction to our situation.

Burns Night tickets will go on sale shortly. The British School has increased the size of its hall so we are having some discussions about increasing the capacity slightly for this event. It always sells out extremely quickly so be sure to get your tickets as soon as you can

We have some smaller events coming up many of which you can sign up for via our meetup page: Meetup/

Booming Business 29 th November

This is our Business Networking event in conjuction with a number of other business and social clubs in Amsterdam. If you are an entrepreneur looking to increase your network and gain new business associates and clients this could be the event for you.

This months edition has 3 restaurant reviews from yours truly and great review of the current Marylin Monroe exhibition.  We also have a new organisation ICAP asking for some help with a survey on international children and education.

Hope to see you at one of these events soon.

Nick Nugent

Chairmans Corner

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Hi Everyone,

The nights growing shorter signals in the start of the busiest period for the British Society.

The Bonfire Night is already sold out within 10 days of tickets going on sale.  If you don’t have a ticket please do not turn up as we have a strict limit imposed by our license from the local council.

If you do have a ticket the Firework Display promises to be the best ever!

Our other big event – the Charity Christmas Ball is already 60% sold out after only a couple of weeks of ticket sales.  Again please don’t be dissappointed and join us for the best party to start the holiday season.  The regular and vegetarian menu has just been announced and sounds absolutely delicious.  Tickets are available here.

Buy your tickets here!

Our Tennis Club is looking for a few more recruits.  They have sessions on Sunday early evening and Tuesday evening.  If you would like to join their roster then you can find the details on our events page:

Britsoc Events Calendar

The 3rd edition of our business networking event in conjunction with Anglo Info and a number of other Business and Social Clubs will happen at Boom Chicago on the 29th November.  Tickets will go on sale shortly.  If you are an enterpreneur or want to meet with expat business owners then this will be the event for you.

Theresa May has now announced the date for triggering article 50 and I know some of you maybe concerned about your status in the Netherlands.  We will be looking to organise an immigration seminar soon.

I hope to announce shortly also some more discounted tickets for various shows.  As usual these will be advertised via our meetup page.

Open Meetup

I am looking forward to see you at one of our events soon!

Nick Nugent

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our sizzling September edition of the Zine.  Now the heat is slowly subsiding we can look forward to our exetensive programme of Autumn and Winter events.

We recently held our AGM on 1st September which is a bit earlier than normal.  There are few changes to the society to which were agreed at the meeting.  I would like to thank our outgoing Treasurer, William Tweddle thanks for his many years of service and would like to welcome on board Rupert Apthorp as our new treasurer.

There are a a number of other things we have agreed in the meeting such as our commitment to free membership for the coming year.  We have also created some new committee positions.

Since the relationship with English speaking schools is very important to us, we have created school liasion positions on our committee so they can have their say in what would interest their families and staff for social events and get togethers. It is a pleasure to welcome Paul Morgan the new Principal of the British School of Amsterdam on our committee and we hope to feature an interview him soon.  We are still looking for liasions for the other English Langauge schools in Amsterdam and surroundings.  If you are representative of the school be it teacher or parent and would like to join our board and give the British Society some direction then we would be happy to welcome you.  We meet around 4 times per year to discuss the Society.

We have also created the position of Events Coordinator.  This is a new position and at the moment remains unfilled.  If you are a dynamic person with some free time on your hands and would like to organise social events with the financial backing of our organisation then this is the job for you.  Please feel free to contact me at

Our Autumn/Winter season is the busiest we have.  Please keep your eyes peeled for the following:

Expactica Fair – 2nd October, Beurs van Berlage

We need a bit of help on the stand so if you dont mind standing around for a couple of hours I can promise a couple of free drinks are in it for you.  Please contact me a

Expatica Ad

Booming Business 3 – 12th October, Boom Chicago (TBC)

Bonfire Night 2016 – 6th November


Glitz & Glamour Charity Ball – 10th December


The las 2 events are our to premier events and sell out extremely quickly please do not be dissapointed.  Tickets go on sale very shortly.

For our smaller events please see our Meetup site:

We have our sports clubs, comedy nights, curry nights and many other events which we get exclusive discounts and special offers for our members.

British Society of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL
976 Britsoc Friends

The British Society organises events with a British flavour. A very social club, we’re open to people of every nationality who are looking to meet new friends, play sports and…

Next Meetup

Extra Players for Britsoc Tuesday Evening Squash

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Nick Nugent

Restaurant Review – Meneer de wit Heeft Honger

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 Meneer de wit Heeft Honger ****

Witte de Withstraat 10, 1057 XV Amsterdam Tel: +31 20 737 3184

Online reservation possible

I live in the West of Amsterdam on the border of De Baarsjes and Bos & Lommer. Although Bos & Lommer has some wonderful ethnic cuisine, in general we head into the Baarsjes for our local restaurant fix. There is normally a new place opening in our area every month and so we do not suffer from a lack of choice. We recently visited Huis van Lopez which was aiming for a Mexican style. However everything just tasted of lime juice and pretty much nothing else. This review is about a restaurant I do like.

It is now extremely rare that a restaurant makes it to my go-to list which currently consists of 42 places. This one does.

This is a very unassuming restaurant just off Kinkerstraat on the line of the 17 and 7 tram. I had walked past it before and I thought it smelled great. The owner/chef is a Moroccan guy and the menu is Arabic/Mediterranean inspired. It is a simple place with white walls, basic wooden furniture open kitchen and room for about 50 covers.

I had looked on2016-07-21-20-05-42line at the menu beforehand so I was pretty sure what I wanted. Unfortunately the grilled sardines where finished when we arrived and so we chose 3 starters and oven baked dorade to share. The starters we chose were Arabic staples – hummus, baked spicy aubergine and a maybe not so Arabic staple, mixed beet platter. The first 2 were my choice and I thought they sang with flavour. Beets I don’t particularly care for, but they were nice enough. These were served with some slices of regular baguette-style bread. I could have just stopped there as it was filling enough and very tasty.



The dorade came out on a silver platter with wedges of lemon and covered in spices. The top of it was crispy roasted skin and underneath was slightly stewed. It was cooked to perfection. We shared a bit of the top and bottom with a generous squeeze of lemon juice. We had nothing to accompany it, but if you would like something, then a simple green salad would be all you would need.

The service was effective and unobtrusive. Simple. We had a bottle of white wine, no idea what it was, but it was good enough. The bill was well under 100 euros for 2 people.

It is simple, tasty, good value. You don’t need to know much more than this. Just go – you will be happy you have been there.

Restaurant Review – Bak

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Bak **

Van Diemenstraat 408, 1013 CR Amsterdam

Tel: 020 737 2553

Online reservation possible

This restaurant had gained almost mythical status in my head as a bastion of really good food, not due to the fact that I had been there, but because people with opinions I respect had been there and told me that it was not just good… it was really good.  Apart from very few exceptions in Amsterdam, these unicorns do not exist, or maybe they do but then a poacher comes along and murders it for its horn.  I had a recent experience at Dragon-I, formerly my favourite Pan-Asian restaurant, which left me with the feeling it had been mortally wounded.  I need to go back for another QC visit soon but I am not hopeful.

There had been murmurings that all was not right in the BAK camp a few months ago, but I had been trying to get into this place, admittedly on the spur of the moment most times, for about 1 year.  I thought it was time to actually book this place in advance.  My sister was in town for a visit and I had given her the choice of around 8 new restaurants which I wanted to try.  BAK was the choice.

It is located in the old warehouses along Van Diemenstraat on the third floor.  If you manage to get one of the very few window seats, then you have an excellent view looking out past Silodam over to NSDM werf and beyond up the IJ.  However we were not so lucky and probably you would have to request one of those tables or be someone with a bit of clout to get one.  The inside has a simple, elegant, industrial feel about it.  It is light and airy with the high ceilings and white walls.  We were happy it looked very promising.

One odd thing however, which did get my hackles up before we started, is that we had a very bizarre experience with the confirmation of the booking.  You may have encountered this practice with other posh restaurants, which have a habit of calling you on the day, just to make sure that you are really coming.  They often have a clause that if they cannot reach you after X attempts or Y hours, they reserve the right to give your table away.  At around 13:30 I had a call from them (I had BAK’s number in my phone from previous failed attempts) and I said hello for about 30 secs but no-one responded.  A minute later, the same thing.  Knowing the policy and since I could not hear anything, I dropped them an email about 10 minutes later to confirm I was coming and that they might have an issue with their phone.  The response I got was that they had heard me.  Why not send me an email then?  This made me suspicious that they were trying to free up some capacity, maybe for a regular guest.  This is conjecture of course, but if you did not have their number in your phone and lost your table, then that would be unfortunate.  I use this as a cautionary tale for you all out there.

As we sat and looked at the menu – which consisted of about 25 ingredients – no cooking technique listed or sauces mentioned, we wondered what we were in for.  You have the choice of 6 courses as standard or add in 2 additional courses.  The additions were:


Cassoulet, bone marrow


Mediar, watercress

In the end we added the Langoustine only, but did select the matching wine choices, while also selecting a glass of Champagne as an aperitif.

The meal got off to a bang with the 2 amuses. The first was a tapioca crisp made with squid ink and seaweed mayo.  This wa2016-08-12-19-35-19s very flavoursome with just the right balance of salty and fishiness.  The second amuse was a yellow beetroot wedge served on a berry compote and with citrus foam.  Personally I am not that fond of beetroot but was prepared to go for it, but I thought the citrus really clashed with the earthy beet.  I guess this signalled what was about to happen.

Our Menu started in earnest with the matched wines.  So first of all the wine was delivered.  They pride themselves on mostly local and organic produce, which means the wines are organic.  I like a good organic wine.  We got a La Sorga from Languedoc in France.  The sommelier pointed out that this was made by oxidative technique.  What this meant was that the glass we were presented with looked cloudy, the colour of scrumpy and had many of those characteristics on the nose.  My guests thought it was wrong in more ways than one.  This was not a wine to be had without food.

So the food.  What was delivered was as pretty as a picture.  Hopefully our Editor includes my amateur shot of it, as it was beautiful.  Just a shame we had to enjoy it with what I can only describe as a funky wine.  The plate consisted of courgette 3 ways, raw, pickled and blanched ribbons.  Edible flowers , citrus mayo and a lemon verbena sauce completed the dish.  It was fresh and tasty, apart from when you tried to match with the wine which, I’m sorry, just did not work except maybe a little with the pickle.  I did however get a bit bored with this dish after about 4 – 5 forkfuls of it.  The lemon verbena sauce needed some more prominence.  It was only ok in the end.

The next course was described as:


Miso, Bottarga2016-08-12-20-21-36

This consisted of 2 wafer thin roasted crisps of aubergine, creating a sandwich of which the filling consisted of an aubergine ragout with miso.  The sauce was a cream sauce with bottarga, which is a cured fish roe.  OK.  I like a challenge to my palette.  The previous wine I just about accepted.  My guests did not.  This was an extremely challenging dish.  If you go out on Friday night for a nice feed I am not really expecting to be confronted with PhD level flavour combination viva.  There is no doubt that this had flavour, but the word funky comes to mind again.  The fishy burnt aubergine combination was funky.  It was served with a Beaujolais wine which was all red fruits and perfume.  Not really a nice combination with the burnt, miso, fishy thing we were confronted with.

So now you may imagine we are starting to get a bit twitchy about everything as there has been a series of very odd things.  Maybe one sign of the confusion which was on the plate was the cutlery.  Every knife, fork and spoon which was delivered was different.  Most were quite functional until I was delivered a really small thin fork with tines very close together which could not spear anything.  Our attention was also drawn to the music which was mostly in the background then one song in 5, something like Rocket man, would blare out and distract.  The third point was the chairs.  I was sort of ok in mine but my guests were really starting to complain.  They are not the most comfortable at all.


Vegetables and Herbs

Was the title of the next course an2016-08-12-20-41-13d it lived up to its name.  It was quite pretty with a range of vegetables treated in various different ways and arranged like art on the plate.  It looked very healthy and we all looked forward to eating it.  We were warned to use the almost glowing, translucent gel on the side of the plate sparingly with all the components.  It turned out to be a lemon sauce. There were some nice things on the plate.  Local tomatoes which actually tasted of something.  A pumpkin puree which was flavoursome, a carrot cooked with garlic truffle and assorted herbs.  Nice things.  Nothing worked together.  It was a collection of vegetables cooked in different ways which did not really go together.  I love peas.  Correction. I love cooked peas.


The bullets which I tried to spear using my useless narrow tined fork were impossible.  The glowing nuclear lemon sauce coated the tongue which left you unable to taste anything for about 3-4 minutes.  The wine chosen to battle with our palette was a Zanotto Prosecco – yes  this lightly perfumed Prosecco was pointless and could not compete with the sauce.  I would also class the lemon sauce as funky.

The next course was the extra one of the Langoustine.  Funky!!  Beans (the cassoulet) undercooked for me, very savoury, bacon flavoured sauce from the marrowbone and a delicate langoustine and some well cooked broad beans.  The langoustine was lost in the melée of beans and marrowbone.  After the langoustine was gone, the beans were boring.  This was matched with a strange red, Pinot Grigio I think, which arrived about 2 minutes after the course arrived.

By this point we had realised that the dessert was semolina, which was not a favourite of any of us, so we asked to switch.  The only option was the cheese – Messeklaver.  We accepted.2016-08-12-21-31-36

Main was wild boar, with a some pieces of beetroot, a red wine reduction and a hollandaise sauce with elderflower.  This was well cooked. My guests really liked this.  The piece of meat I had, had sinew running through the middle, which spoiled my enjoyment.  The wine served was a Spanish Ribero del Duero, which is a very powerful Rioja-style oaked wine.  A ex-colleague of  mine once told me that game meats like this are often paired with big heavy, tannic wines and it just does not work.  I am in total agreement with this point of view.  Actually things like this and venison deserve a more subtle wine, Pinot Noir or even Beaujolais.  This was a good course for all except for me.  Another miss.


Next came the funky tomato pre-dessert.  If you are going to serve a pre-dessert which is savoury it needs to be nice.  I have a few examples of this over the years. One example, which I would rather forget, was a goats’ cheese mousse, which was shocking.  This was not in that league, but we ended up eating it with scrunched up faces as we did not really know how to process this dish in our brains.

Finally the cheese. A generous chunk of cow cheese with something like a melba toast.  It was half decent cheese with very average toast.

Bill Please.

This cost all in all 324 euros for 3 people.  I did not feel we had 324 euros-worth of food.  The service was exceptional by Amsterdam standards.  We had arrived at 7:30 and we were paying the bill by 10:30.  I was not really expecting to endure such a test of my taste buds, I really just wanted to enjoy a nice dinner.  All the food and wine combinations were funky.  In my opinion, get back to basics.  The ingredients are there. They know how to cook and present food, just stop with all the experimental stuff, you are not good enough.  If my sister was doing this review they would have got 1 star.  I thought the service was so outstanding that it deserves a point and they get 1 for the food.  Never meet your heroes, you will be disappointed.

Nick Nugent

Chairman Nick’s Summer Message

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I think everyone is feeling a little numb after the result of the EU referendum result.  Whatever your view, we are now in limbo until someone pulls the trigger on article 50, or the majority of politicians stand-up for what they believe in, to remain is better.  There will be a new PM by October, who may call a general election.  You can be assured that the British Society will have the latest news for you on what is required to stay in the Netherlands when it becomes necessary.


I would like to thank everyone that has responded to the multitude of Press requests we got during the last few weeks.  It has been an impressive response from you.


Some advance notices. 

We will hold our annual  AGM immediately after the summer, and so if you fancy letting us know what you think of what we are doing or would like to stand on the committee you will be most welcome.  There will be an announcement in August.


At a recent committee meeting we decided a couple of things that may interest you:

  1. We would like to make an introductory video of the society. We will begin by visiting as many of our Britsoc sports and social events as we can and shoot footage for the video.  We will also arrange to shoot a special Britsoc get together.  We would like this to be attended by as many as possible to show off the society to its best.
  2. We have agreed to train up to four people for EHBO (first aid) qualifications. We need first aid support at some events and it makes sense to spend some of the society’s money to have our own people trained.  If you would be interested to be trained at our expense let me know.  I believe in some companies you get a small increment in your salary for being an official first aider.

Our Meetup site has now reached over 500 people, and we continue to be offered some great deals on shows and events.  If you want to arrange, or are arranging something that could fit with our profile, then I would be happy to hear from you about what we can do together.


On slightly worse news our website has been suffering a series of sustained attacks.  The website has unfortunately been down for many days recently and I apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced by this.  We are taking measures to shore up the defences.


Finally Christmas! Yes Christmas in July! Our ball committee has begun the preparations for the annual extravaganza, which is the British Society Charity ball.  If you are a company or entrepreneur who is looking to promote your business to the British/Expat community and would be prepared to offer something for our Charity Auction and Raffle please feel free to contact us.


I hope we get a bit of summer in the next couple of months.  If not, see you in September for the AGM and some other interesting events with the possible return of our Blind Date night!



Nick Nugent

Chairman’s Corner June 2016

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Hello Everyone,

With the referendum looming large, many of you I’m sure, are worrying about what may happen. We will have a get together to discuss the outcome on the 24th in Cafe de Jaren. To join us see the details here:

EU referendum party: Celebrate or Commiserate depending on your view

Friday, Jun 24, 2016, 7:00 PM

Cafe de Jaren
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20-22 1012 CP Amsterdam, NL

7 Britsoc Friends Attending

By the end of the day on the 24th we should know the outcome of the UK referendum on the EU.Whether you are for in or out come and have a beer with us and discuss the outcome.  There is no football on to distract you either.

Check out this Meetup →

Our little experiment with Meetup seems to be working quite well and we are now approaching 500 members on that tool.


If you have not checked it out yet then I would suggest you have a look.

British Society of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL
483 Britsoc Friends

The British Society organises events with a British flavour. A very social club, we’re open to people of every nationality who are looking to meet new friends, play sports and…

Next Meetup

Extra Players for Britsoc Tuesday Evening Squash

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016, 7:00 PM
4 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

I have a deal for you:

Boom Chicago are offering 2 for 1 tickets throughout the whole of June and July.  Simply click on the show you want select one ticket and you get the 2nd for free.


We recently went with a Meetup to their new show Angry White Men: Trump up the Volume, which was very different from their normal improv offering and pretty good!


Our Sailing has kicked off and all the details are on our events page:


Some of our lady members get together for a drink every second Monday of each month in the lounge bar of the IBIS hotel, the one next to Centraal Station, at 7pm. They have a glass (or two) of wine or a coffee and chat about what is going on in their  lives and the world in general.  They  are a (still quite small) group of ladies that have passed the first flush of youth so have plenty of experience of life to talk about. They would be happy if some other ladies would like to join.


By the time this is published the Euro 2016 will be well underway and I would like to wish all of our competing teams, England, Northern Ireland and Wales the best of luck for the tournament.


I have a couple of bob on England to reach the Semis!


Nick Nugent

Chairman’s Corner May 2016

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Hi everyone,

After a false start to spring in April, it seems like we have been plunged into winter again. And now May is here and we are back with the sun and thoughts of arranging picnics and BBQs on the beach!

I feel I have to comment on what seems to be becoming a tragic year for celebrity losses.  Maybe this is just a consequence of the media age.  All the fond memories of all these great artists who have graced our stage and screen for many years will still live on.  Nevertheless, we are only ¼ of the way into the year and the grim reaper seems to have quite a haul already.  It seems we will have to wrap up the rest of our childhood heroes in cotton wool for the rest of the year.

I have two requests for help from our members:

  1. Hervormd Lyceum Zuid (HLZ) in Amsterdam-Zuid is looking for approximately 15-20 native speakers who would be willing to have a chat with their students on June 9th (9am-3pm)

On that day, students (14-15-year-olds) will have to show us how well they can keep a conversation going in English (with a native speaker).

They will receive a couple of situations, such as: ‘The police office’ or ‘Host family’.

The only thing you would need to do is have a short conversation with the students and give them a mark out of 10. The school offers a lunch, snacks, and they will also give a gift card to those who are participating.

Please contact Stephanie:

  1. A student is looking for some help with her thesis and is asking people to complete an online survey about English landscapes.

If you have some time please help here out by filling in this survey.

May activities will include another Curry visit this time to our first Indonesian, Jun.  Please keep an eye on our Meetup page for details.

British Society of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL
416 Britsoc Friends

The British Society organises events with a British flavour. A very social club, we’re open to people of every nationality who are looking to meet new friends, play sports and…

Next Meetup

Extra Players for Britsoc Tuesday Evening Squash

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Sailing starts also on Saturday May 7, 2016 so please look at our events page for details:



I hope to have some news about some theatre and comedy trips shortly as well.  The Ball committee will begin to start organising shortly as well so if you would like to be part of please contact me.



Britsoc Chairman’s Corner April 2016

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The news from our Belgian neighbours was terrible and my wishes go out to them on behalf of the society.

Last month we held a very successful G&T and whisky evening in Timothy Oulton, which was attended by around 30 guests.  We are in discussions about doing another one in May, perhaps with something more female friendly.

Our friends at the Greenwoods Tea Room on the Keizersgracht hosted our Britsoc Curry Night and many thanks to them for the great spread they put on.  We also had a pub night in association with Meetin at Molly’s were we had around 20 people.

As the clocks change, and we head into Spring, the weather finally seems to be improving and thoughts turn to the outdoors and what we can do there.  Geoff will soon be announcing the dates for the sailing to resume. And those less hardy golfers come out of the woodwork to remove the cobwebs from their swings.  Details will be available on our events calendar website.

There will be another edition of the Curry Club on the 14th April at a venue yet to be announced.

2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of  William Shakespeare.

Britsoc are hosting a very special Birthday Celebration, but hurry as there are only a few tickets left.

Shakespeare Night Tickets
2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. Britsoc are hosting a very special Birthday Celebration. Only a few tickets left.

With Kings Day in April our programme will be a little less full this month with social events, but I aim to remedy that in May and June.


Nick Nugent

Britsoc Chairman

Britsoc Chairman’s Corner March 2016

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Hi Everyone,

As we stutter in to spring I have a great event for you in association with Timothy Oulton which is our exclusive G&T and Whisky tasting.  A great way to welcome in the spring.  There are only 50 spaces for this event so get your tickets now. Due to a supplier dropping out we have been able to drop the ticket price for the event to 20 euros.

G&T and Whisky tasting evening
Timothy Oulton Amsterdam

Gentlemens-evening-Amsterdam-store-3-1Soon our Shakespeare’s birthday party at Greenwoods will be announced you will have to be quick with that one as well.  The announcement will be via our Facebook and Website.

I have been trying to find a nice venue to have a garden party for the Queen’s 90th Birthday this year.  At the moment it is looking difficult.  If any of you out there have a good idea please feel free to contact me.

At some of our events such as this we need help from volunteers with First Aid experience (EHBO). At the moment we are a little short of people.  If you have a current qualification then I would love to hear from you if you would not mind being involved.  If you wish to get this training then I’m considering paying for some people to do this on behalf of the society.  I will need you to commit to at least one event per year, but you would have the EHBO certificate paid for by us.  The Red Cross run the course in English if that is a worry for any one.  Again let me know if you are interested?

In February we managed to arrange a discount for all our members at Greenwoods Keizergracht.  I hope to be able to also announce another special deal this month.

I regularly get approached for English speakers for Schools and other societies like ours.  I know personally a few people who can give an interesting talk but I know there must be more of you out there.  I would like to create a database of speakers which, should someone approach me, I can connect you together.  If you would be willing to offer yourself as a speaker then please contact me with a small CV and abstract about what you can talk about.

On a similar note there are many enterpreneurs with the Expat commmunity.  If you are offering a service then you may like to join our classfieds section on our website.

I’m looking forward to the final of the Six Nations.  I’m an England supporter and so far we have not looked that impressive but with the Wales/Ireland draw put the cat amongst the pigeons.  Good luck to all the UK teams left in contention.  Watch out for the rugby 7’s in Amsterdam this May for a good day out.