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Britsoc Sailing Season 2015

Hello Sailors,

Screenshot 2015-03-25 09.15.13The 2015 Britsoc Sailing Season is here:

We’re more social than serious racing types so beginners are welcome, but we require skippers for each boatas such, we particularly want to hear from them! We sail at one of two locations (Kaag and Loosdrecht), meeting at 12.00 at Kaag, and 10.00 at Loosdrecht.

We sail  in 3-5 man gaff-rigged fixed-keel boats. With the earlier start in Loosdrecht, we stop for lunch and, with the later start in Kaag, we finish with an early evening barbecue.

Dates are:

May 9th  Kaag

May 30th  Kaag

June 13th  Loosdrecht

July 4th  Kaag

July 25th  Loosdrecht

Aug 15th  Kaag

Sept 5th  Kaag

Screenshot 2015-03-25 10.09.15We could add another in late September if there is sufficient interest

 See here for full details on the Britsoc Sailing website.

To book you place in Kaag or Loosdrecht, email Geoffrey Dudley here.

We take bookings by email (latest by the Wednesday before sailing) and try to arrange lifts when necessary.