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Britsoc Photo Lesson #14

Britsoc Photo Lesson #14

Long exposures create wonderful effects


By Benjamin Authur, Photographer

BritPhotShot of the Month

This classic view of the corner of Brouwergracht & Prinsengracht was taken on the morning the clocks changed. So I had an extra hour of daylight without people around and, bonus of bonuses, it was a stunning morning.

This photo was shot using two graduated filters and with a 30 second exposure. The longer exposure really helps add dynamic movement to the scene from both the clouds and the canal. Learning how to do this is one of the greatest joys one can have as a photographer. Tis not complicated but it does take practice. If you are interested in coming out with me for a lesson on how to do this I’d be delighted to show you how its done.

Technical details: Nikon D810. AF‐S Nikkor 17‐35 (2.8) @ f/20, ISO 31 @ 30s

Benjamin Arthur
The British Photographer in Amsterdam

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