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Britsoc Photo Lesson #12

Britsoc Photo Lesson #12

Get the pose and the setting right and the rest will follow


By Benjamin Authur, Photographer


BritPhotShot of the Month

Last month we talked about how important it is to let children just be themselves. The same applies to babies of course but then again in the context of a big Christening day – when Mum & Dad are really in charge – there’s not much latitude to express yourself!

Getting nice pictures is where a professional photographer can really then make the difference. You may think your iPhone will do. It won’t.

In the case of this recent Christening I photographed, it was all about the pose and the setting. A beautiful dress. A baby still unable to walk. Spread out the dress and sit it on the grass.

It was a broiling hot day and so the last thing I wanted was heavily contrasted sunshine all over this babe – which is where she had first been placed.

Many people mistakenly still think that sunny days are great for photos. They are not.

So I moved this beautiful babe into the shade, spread out her dress and let the magic happen.

I chose a shallow depth of field to really make her “pop” out of her setting.

Technical details: Nikon D700. AF‐S Nikkor 50mm (1.4) @ f/2, ISO 320 @ 1/800s


Benjamin Arthur
The British Photographer in Amsterdam

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