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Britsoc Meetup Page

Britsoc Meetup Page

By Nick Nugent

Britsoc is known for its big 3 B’s: Bonfire, Ball and Burns.

We have in the past also been able to organise smaller events, but the hassle of organising them and not knowing who is coming has meant some of our smaller events have gone by the wayside in recent years.

A number of specialist expat websites like Meetin, a Small World and Internations have proved very successful in the last few years because when an event is advertised you can see which of your friends have already decided to go to something.

As a society we are here to deliver cultural, sporting and social activities with a British flavour which allow our members to meet and interact.  So as a society we needed to look at ways we can to this more efficiently.  In order to create interesting events that are well attended we have decided as a society to start a “MeetUp” page.

MeetUp is a web and mobile application that allows you, at very short notice, to create any sort of social event —be it a dining event or a tour.  This will be the medium that all of our smaller events will be advertised in the future.  All our big events will be advertised through our regular channels like the Zine, Website and Facebook.  Meetup will be used for smaller monthly/weekly events.  It will also allow companies or individuals who want to offer our members a special deal for an event a way to communicate with our members.

At the time of writing, we have already organised events like Comedy night, Pub Quiz, Curry Club, Pub night, a history tour of Amsterdam, and a business networking event.

Coming up we have a traditional Roast Dinner at a new British run restaurant, a great deal of 25% off tickets from the Badhuis theatre on their Sean O Casey play and Pensions seminar.

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Britsoc MeetUp Page


If you are a British business, or want to offer our members a good deal, then you are a welcome to send me a proposal for an event. Or if you have an event that you think our members would be interested in, then you are welcome to contact me  with your idea.


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We are also looking for new volunteers to help us run our big and small events.  In January, I hope to organise an event especially for new volunteers to bring their ideas and energy to create some interesting new events for the future.

Currently we are approaching 200 members on MeetUp, and as the numbers increase the events will get more frequent and interesting.