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BritPhotShot of the Month | Summer 2016

BritPhotShot of the Month | Summer 2016

Britsoc Photo Lesson #15 – People are great!


I make a living from photographing people. Children, business folk, CEOs, families

even royalty … each year they tend to come in sight of one of my lenses. When I

review the year I look back on all the amazing things it’s been a privilege to witness

and the one conclusion I can draw is this; people are GREAT!


That is never more apparent than during the festivities over Pride Weekend; this year

from August 5-7. There’s no doubt its the best pride in the world by far. The reasons

are simple; first, Amsterdam has a long, rich history of welcoming LGBT people.


Second, the normal LGBT scene here in the city is thriving and there’s no doubt that

this is one of Europe’s great centres for living an out and proud life as a member of

the LGBT community. Third, the weekend shows all that in glorious technicolour! I

was lucky enough to witness that from a great perch on a boat during last year’s

canal parade.


This is one of my favourite shots from that day. It tells me simply this;

no matter who the person or people are in front of your camera… come at them

with the attitude of “you are beautiful and I want to capture your energy and your

beauty” and you won’t go far wrong.


Technical details; Nikon D810 with mounted AF-S Nikkor 17-35 (2.8) f/4.5 @




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