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Artist Mike Hayes

Why do i paint?

The challenge is to complete a work which first satisfies me and then satisfies others.

Art Unlimited

I don’t want to limit my output by  concentrating on one particular genre, e.g. not only portraits or landscapes.


I prefer to experiment with many different subjects and styles with varying results.

Old Master—New challenges

As far as my personal development is concerned I have been very lucky to receive private instruction from a retired Professor of Art, Klaus Jorgen-Fischer, in the techniques of the old masters and this has opened up new possibilities for me and presented new challenges.

President of France

I was fortunate that, when he was president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy graciously accepted my gift of a portrait of himself I had painted.

And next year?

Who knows which direction I’ll take? From March 1st, 2013 for three months, I have an exhibition in the Visitor’s Centre, (Bezoekerscentrum), Amsterdamse Bos. The Forest shall be the main subject.

Visit my online Gallery

Please visit my gallery to see more of my work and to subscribe to my list.

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