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Annual General Meeting

NOTICE of the British Society: Annual General Meeting

This year the Britsoc AGM will be held on Thursday 8th December at 7pm at Greenwoods @  Keizergraght 465 for all members who want to join us.

Contact to confirm your attendance at the AGM meeting.

A very warm welcome awaits you on the 8th December @ 7pm so please come and join us.




I, __________________________________________ (name in full), being a Full Member of the British Society, appoint the following nominated person to vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting on 8th December 2022


Appointed Proxy Person ________________________________________________


Nominated persons (Committee Members standing for election or re-election).

( )  Dee Bodle: Chair Re-election

( )  Michael Emerson: Treasurer Election

( )  Andy Symmonds: Secretary Re-election

( )  Nina Young: Marketing & Advertising Election

( )  Shelley Dicks- Schafer Re-election

( )  Steve Forde Re-election


NOTE: Only Full Members of the Society have the right to vote at this meeting, however prospective members may attend the meeting.   A Full Member is allowed to appoint a proxy to attend or vote on his/her behalf.  A copy of the Statutes of the Society, Rules and Bye-laws are available on request from the Secretary.  This proxy form should be returned before 5th December 2022 to 


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