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Annual General Meeting

NOTICE of the British Society: Annual General Meeting

Notice of the British Society: Annual General Meeting to be held on the 8th December 2021 at the British School of Amsterdam.


NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the British Society will be held on 8th December 2021, at which the following business will be conducted and resolved upon:

    1. Opening address
    2. Notice of attendance and submission of written proxies
    3. Adoption of agenda
    4. Approval of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 2nd December 2020
    5. Chairman’s Annual Report
    6. Treasurer’s report and approval of the accounts for the year ending 8th December 2021
    7. Appointment of the Auditor for next year’s accounts
    8. Election of Committee Members
    9. Any Other Business




I, __________________________________________ (name in full), being a Full Member of the British Society, appoint the following nominated person to vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting on 8th December 2021


Appointed Proxy Person ________________________________________________


Nominated persons (Committee Members standing for election or re-election).

( )  Dee Bodle: Chair Re-election

( )  Michael Emerson: Treasurer Election

( )  Andy Symmonds: Secretary Re-election

( )  Nina Young: Marketing & Advertising Election

( )  Shelley Dicks- Schafer Re-election

( )  Steve Forde Re-election


NOTE: Only Full Members of the Society have the right to vote at this meeting, however prospective members may attend the meeting.   A Full Member is allowed to appoint a proxy to attend or vote on his/her behalf.  A copy of the Statutes of the Society, Rules and Bye-laws are available on request from the Secretary.  This proxy form should be returned before 5th December 2021 to 


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