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The British Society…

…extends a very warm British welcome to all our members, newcomers, regulars, families, singles, couples, non-members…and friends from around the world.

What we’re about

The British Society organises events with a British flavour. A very social club, we’re open to people of every nationality who are English speakers looking to meet new friends, play sports and socialise. With such a variety of people, from diverse backgrounds, it’s difficult not to find people who you can connect with. The British Society has FREE membership and can also be found on Facebook.

Friendship and fun

As Expats, we all go through various stages of feeling home sick, or just feeling detached from our families and friends at home. As human beings it is important to have a strong sense of community, a feeling of belonging and a simple ‘Hi’ from someone you know when you are out and about. It makes you feel very at home and it helps you realise that you belong through getting involved with the British Society and what it has to offer.

The British Society is open to people of every nationality looking to meet new friends, socialise and have a bit of fun. We run British Flavoured events where there is no shortage of fun as it is a common thread through every event that we run through to all the sporting and social activities throughout the year.

The British Society is the oldest and most diverse English-speaking network in The Netherlands

The British Society was started in 1920, and whether you have just moved to the Netherlands or have even been here for some time, it can sometimes be hard to re-start your life in a new or unfamiliar country.

Becoming accustomed to the culture, familiar with the area and comfortable with meeting new people can be difficult and a little intimidating. That is where the British Society can help—by providing a forum for you to meet other people in the same situation, thus enabling you to get more out of your life in the Netherlands by helping you settle into your new environment.

The Society offers “something for everyone” and welcomes all English speakers to its extensive range of social events. BritSoc as the society is known is a pro-active and multi-cultural organisation which is run by its members for its members. The Chair of Britsoc, committee members and key contacts are all volunteers. By offering your services as a volunteer you can get yourself involved in the Dutch way of life and meet like-minded individuals, whilst giving something back to the Britsoc community.

Whether you want to get involved in as little or as much as you like contact the British Society Committee @

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