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The UK’s new Statutory Residence Test (SRT)

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The UK’s new Statutory Residence Test, (SRT), due to come into effect on 6 April this year, needs to be fully understood by expats who split their time between their new country and the UK. Here is a link to a full explanation. Read more

Britsoc Website Official Launch

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British Ambassador’s Residence 23rd January, The Hague—Today the British Society Of Amsterdam and the Netherlands (Britsoc) officially launched their new website during the second annual Consular Contacts Reception at the British Ambassador’s Residence in the Hague.

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National Tulip Day. Sat 19 Jan 2013

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Tulips from Amsterdam

Every year, an estimated 1.7 billion Dutch tulips bring a welcome touch of spring to households and businesses all over the globe. The inaugural edition of the National Tulip Day in 2012 saw Dutch tulip growers create a massive temporary garden on Dam Square, bursting with around 200,000 tulips.

Tulips in the city centre
More than 10,000 people came along to pick up their own free tulip from Amsterdam and the organisers hope that even more tulip lovers will visit the event this year. Head to Dam Square on Saturday, 19 January between13:30 and 18:00 to join in the fun!

How to get there


Source: I Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fashion Week. 18 to 27 Jan 2013

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The winter edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week struts the streets from 18 to 27 January 2013. Taking place twice each year, this international fashion event not only brings together the cream of the international scene, but also reaches out to the general public with its DOWNTOWN programming.

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Our Nick is a bit tasty

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“Is this great Nosh or what?”

Introducing Food Expert Nick Nugent.

He will be our regular Food Correspondent, reporting from the four corners of the global kitchen. Starting in Amsterdam.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to him here.

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Amsterdam International Community School

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The AICS provides international education in English for children aged
4-19 years. Let our students show you around our school, talk to our
teachers and find out more about why “learning is at the heart of
everything we do”. Read more